Orsi Cornici srl

Via Torino 2
50052 Certaldo (Fi)

TEL: (+39) 0571 668635
FAX: (+39) 0571 663585

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We are continually researching new innovative designs to improve and develop our styling, and we are always looking for the type of product that is not the current prevalent trend , but that becomes the new ‘vogue’ with time.


The selection of materials we use during our manufacturing is made with the maximum respect to the environment. Orsi Cornici is one of the few companies with PEFC™ certification.


It is with great honour that, being sensitive to these issues, Orsi Cornici is collaborating with the historical Art institution the L'Istituto d'Arte "Duccio di Boninsegna" di Siena founded in 1816


As a result of our attention to design, our company has created several innovative patented products, which enable us to guarantee our customers exclusivity of these products and to protect ourselves from copies. In fact we currently hold ten registered patents.


Our company always uses the best raw materials in the manufacturing of our products; we use the latest most advanced machines and make good use of our skilled personnel (Our workforce has an average of nineteen years’ experience working for Orsi Cornici.)


Knowing we have to remain competitive under the current market conditions, we use the best machinery and products available and thus we are able to contain our prices by optimising our product cycle for high productivity.